There is no way to have an efficient process based on paper and scanned receipts, and invoices which are, for most of them, not tax compliant.

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To solve this issue, Taxeo worked with the entire ecosystem of business travel and created eRefund. Designed in cooperation with Deloitte, the heart of Taxeo innovation is to receive invoice data directly from hotels, car rental companies, event venues and other business travel merchants. Taxeo then establishes e-invoices on behalf of the merchants.

  • These e-invoices are used for VAT recovery.
  • These e-invoices are always tax-compliant, with the correct company name and address, VAT number, guest name, etc…
  • This process is really unique in the VAT industry and in business travel. It guarantees 100% recovery of claimable VAT from our affiliated merchants.

Our DNA is unique.We are a mix of an IT / VAT / business travel company. In other words, we are at the same time experts in international VAT and indirect taxes, a FinTech and an integral part of the Business Travel Ecosystem.

  • Taxeo supports your company in recovering the maximum VAT:
  • on business travel
  • on supplier invoices
  • on events your organise
  • on events you attend
  • on local VAT

To offer the best services, Taxeo affiliates your preferred merchants to eRefund.

TechnologyOur technology is based on the highest standards of security, transparency, data acquisition and electronic invoicing.