Get money back when you use the Taxeo ID…

Once you start using a Taxeo ID on business trips, the rest of the process is handled automatically without any further involvement from your side.

  • Your travellers show their card at hotel receptions, rental car desks and restaurants.
  • Electronic invoice data is transferred automatically and securely to Taxeo.
  • Taxeo takes care of everything. VAT refunds will be automatically wired to your bank account.
  • No paperwork, no foreign language forms, no phone calls to international tax authorities.

…and also when you don’t!

Simply scan existing international invoices and upload them to the Taxeo site.

All your invoices will be aggregated to reach VAT claim minimums and ensure you don’t miss out on any VAT refunds.

The Taxeo system simplifies the VAT recovery process, so you can focus your attention on core business activities while we get your cash back.

The Taxeo solution is designed in cooperation with Deloitte.