The Taxeo solution is designed in cooperation with Deloitte.

Before Taxeo

Gather original invoices from travellers > read them to see what’s claimable > call suppliers and ask to reissue new compliant invoices > wait > store invoices in large cardboard boxes > check if you have enough to file a claim > keep one box ready for each country > wait > file claims in multiple countries > receive and answer additional questions in local languages by local tax authorities > aspirin > follow up claims to see what is refunded when > …

With Taxeo

  • Travellers show their Taxeo ID to reception desks.
  • Affiliated merchants automatically transfer electronic invoice data to Taxeo.
  • Taxeo’s VAT engine creates a compliant electronic invoice.
  • Taxeo analyses all expenses to identify claimable items, assigns invoices to claims, and files claims to the right local authority system, at the right time.
  • At all times, you maintain full visibility of claimable expenses and refund status through the Taxeo self-care site.
  • As soon as a claim is refunded, your money is wired automatically to your bank account.
  • DONE. No effort, no time wasted.

Which company can use Taxeo?

Any company, small or large, spending on international business travel abroad can sign up and use the Taxeo service.

There is no minimum size, travel budget or VAT amount required.

Solutions for small and medium businesses.

Solutions for large corporations.