Connecting your hotel PMS (property management system) to Taxeo is easy, and brings significant benefits to your frequent business travellers.  Through our PMS integrations, the data from your guests’ invoice will be directly uploaded into vatCollector, where a perfectly VAT-compliant invoice will be issued on the hotel’s behalf.  This ensures that your important corporate clients are able to seamlessly reclaim their VAT, effectively making their hotel stay up to 20% cheaper without changing the hotel’s revenue.

Taxeo provides a variety of integration options, including the HTNG Folio Detail specification.

Taxeo developed our first PMS interface with Micros Opera in 2011.  Since 2016, Taxeo is an official Oracle Gold Partner, with interfaces to both Opera and Fidelio Suite 8.

We will soon be releasing other PMS interfaces, stay tuned!

Contact us to find out which PMSs we already support and to tell us why your PMS should be on our shortlist.

Taxeo PMS Partners