Foreign located events

Become a Taxeo client and recover the VAT your company incurs during foreign MICE events. Taxeo provides an end-to-end solution to easily recover VAT.

Event Organisation

VAT around MICE is really complicated: rules and laws differ from country to country. Plus invoices have to be produced in the right way.

  • Taxeo ensures their compliance with VAT local regulations
  • Taxeo provides expertise to ensure VAT is not lost (particularly due to the Tour Operator Margin Scheme – TOMS)
  • Taxeo: Reason enough for meeting planners, PR agencies, and corporates not to leave money on the table, because the topic is too complex.
  • Taxeo makes the recovery of MICE related VAT easier than ever. Let’s start! How? Taxeo provides a full range of services:
  • Guidance on invoicing requirements to ensure VAT refunds are optimised – for instance, all invoices have to be issued directly by the end supplier in the name of your company, or re-billed in a transparent way.
  • Best practice advice on VAT matters, including registration obligations.
  • We offer the only solution for event organisers to also help their attendees to recover VAT in an automated and easy way, making the cost of their events more affordable.

We help companies maximise MICE related VAT refunds

  • Real time reporting of savings
  • Retrospective claims for past events
  • Supplier driven discounts between 5 and 20%
  • Meeting planners love it, and delegates won’t have to bother about it
  • Your business attendees can also get their VAT back easily and in an automated way.