Affiliated Merchants

Once your suppliers are affiliated, you access the most effective solution in the market.

Affiliated merchants such as Hotels, Car Rentals, and Exhibition Venues affiliate to eRefund.

This enables their corporate clients to get their VAT back and the supplier becomes more competitive at no cost.

Compliant e-Invoices

Affiliated merchants send data to Taxeo, which automatically creates a VAT refundable electronic invoice. This e-invoice is always compliant with local VAT regulations. This e-invoice is stamped, and stored for the time legally required, plus one year. It is always accessible on-line to both clients and suppliers, in a secured way.

Invoices are issued and available within a day, whereas other VAT recovery agencies have to wait until :

  • employees fill their expense reports,
  • agencies get access to these documents, and process them,
  • non-compliant invoices are sent to suppliers to obtain corrective invoices,
  • suppliers accept to provide corrected invoices


Because eRefund invoices are always compliant, you get the maximum VAT refund on travel expenses.Become a client