VAT on business travel is complex and differs from country to country. Many of the invoices issued by service providers are not compliant with the local tax authorities’ regulations. Manual processes are complex, time and human-intensive.

Companies save time, human resources and money when contracting Taxeo to manage the entire process to recover VAT on business travel expenses.

  • Taxeo ensures invoices are compliant
  • Taxeo works with our clients preferred suppliers, where generally most VAT is incurred, to retrieve data in a smooth and effective procedure
  • This drives up the level of VAT reclaimed while minimising service fees.
  • Real time savings reporting
  • Fully transparent system
  • Taxeo collaborates and interacts with preferred suppliers
  • By collaborating with Taxeo suppliers can facilitate 5 to 20% savings to their clients
  • No refund no fee commitment

Let us take an example:

When your employees rent a car in Germany, Spain, Italy or the UK, you pay 19% to 22% VAT.

This VAT is fully recoverable (partially in Spain), but you need to show a proper invoice (for example in Spain and Italy, it must not only be established at the name of your right legal entity, but also bear its VAT registration number, which it rarely does).

Thanks to Taxeo and Europcar, you have nothing to do and recover these amounts in a systematic and automated way.

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