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We combined the best IT, Tax and Business Travel expertise to create a completely innovative solution to get your company's foreign VAT back.

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Compliant e-Invoices

Affiliated merchants send data to Taxeo, which creates a VAT refundable electronic invoice.

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What is VAT recovery?

VAT paid on travel expenses can be reclaimed by companies.
This is true in the European Union, in Switzerland, in Norway, and in a few other countries. Companies can claim their VAT back on travel expenses such as hotels, car rentals, restaurants, taxis, and all types of events. They can

also claim other types of expenses in certain specific cases.
This is possible for EU-based companies subject to VAT. Non-European companies may also claim their VAT back under certain conditions – one of them being that they provide original invoices.

Taxeo combines 3 methods to adapt to its clients' needs.
1Traditional paper based process+
2« Automated » process based on data from expense management solutions+
Supplier invoices, found in accounting or ERPs
Optional "on-site" sorting of invoices
T&E expenses, if invoice is tax-compliant
T&E expenses, if invoice is not tax-compliant (most of the cases)
Expensive and partially unsuccessful re-issuing process
Mostly replaced by eRefund: 100% sucess from affiliated merchants
No refund, no fees
Full transparency
24/7 follow up of claims
Tax-compliant e-invoices for all European countries
E-invoices archived for years, at no cost
100% VAT refund from affiliated merchants
Easy automated solution for events and MICE
Non-EU clients (e-invoices are original)


Supplier Invoices

Our team helps identify and recover non travel related invoices eligible for VAT refunds and / or other indirect taxes.

MICE / Events

Meeting, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions We offer our expertise to recover VAT on international event expenses.

National VAT recovery

Our automated solution + eRefund also helps manage National VAT refunds.

Our team is dedicated to recover VAT on all your business expenses Read more on our services


Our team is lead by highly trained VAT experts, supported by experienced business travel specialists to help drive down travel-related costs.


We created our services with the best legal advisers. eRefund has been designed in cooperation with Deloitte.


Our patented solution is built on proprietary software and client data is stored in Europe.

to attract more international business travellers

Thanks to Taxeo Solutions, offer a 5-20% rebate on your invoice, without eroding your margins. In compliance with contracts with hotel booking online services.

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